Easy Summer Slumber Party Crafts Kids Will Love

slumber-partySlumber parties and camp outs are a staple of summer vacations for kids. With no school to get up for the next day such affairs can become marathons however (especially if the kids are a little hyped up on soda and snacks) and throwing on a DVD will only keep the participants amused for a little while and coming up with other ways to keep everyone happy can be trying for parents.

Simple craft activities can be one way to engage active minds and hands though. Filling up a tote bag with some simple supplies is not hard, or too expensive, and not only can kids work together to create some rather cool stuff they will also end up with a goodbye gift to head home with.

So at your child’s next sleep over stock everyone’s water bottles with some less sugary drinks, lay out a few healthy snacks, clear a nice big work area and encourage them to try out one of these clever crafts:

friendship-palFriendship Pals

These clever little dolls add a new twist to an old classic – the friendship bracelet – and would make a great addition to dangle from a backpack or use as a zipper pull.

What You Will Need

Embroidery floss
Safety pins
Two-hole buttons
Permanent markers

How It’s Done

Using the scissors cut eight equal lengths of floss – twelve inches each should be just right. Holding all of the strands together, tie a knot halfway up. Stick the safety pin through the knot, remembering to fasten the safety pin back up before proceeding to the next step.

To make the doll’s left leg, separate the two strands and loop them one around the other. Carry on doing this until the ‘leg’ is about an inch long. Tie off the ends and then trim them neatly. Rinse and repeat for the right leg and then both arms.

Once the arms and legs are finished the doll’s head is created by running a final piece of the floss through the button holes and then knotting it in place above the body. The hair can then be created from there loose ends and using the Sharpie markers kids can add whatever facial features they like!

felt cuff craftBracelet Cuffs

Chunky bracelets and cuffs are all the rage with fashionable tweens and teens right now. This very simple but fun craft allows kids to make their own and really let their inner fashion designer shine!





What You Will Need:

Sheets of Colored Felt
Tracing paper
Fabric Glue
Small buttons
Dressmaking pins
Needle and thread

How It’s Done

Choose a felt color for the main body of the bracelet. Measure the wrist the bracelet will be for and then cut out a straight strip of felt that is just long enough to go around it with a bit of an overlap – about a half inch extra on each end. The strip can be as wide or as narrow as you like, depending on the design.

Draw the shapes you want to add to your cuff bracelet onto the tracing paper and then cut them out. Pin each ‘pattern piece’ to the felt and then carefully cut out the felt around it. Affix each pattern piece to the body of the bracelet and secure it in place with the fabric glue.

Once the design of the bracelet is completed, and all of the pattern pieces have dried put the bracelet on the determine where you should add the button closure. Cut a small button hole on one end of the bracelet, sew a button on the other and you will have a proper way to fasten the bracelet up. To make the button hole less likely to fray add an easy running stitch around its edges or use pinking shears instead of scissors to cut it out.

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