Easy to Implement Ideas for Hosting a Home Casino Night

CasinoOnce the summer is over for most of us entertaining has to move indoors but that does not mean the fun is over by any means and you certainly do not have to wait for the holiday season to begin to invite some friends over for a great night in. One fun idea you might want to try, that is easier to pull off than you might think, is to host an at home casino night. Here are just a few tips and ideas:

Setting the Scene

You do not need to rent out expensive equipment to host a casino night at home. To create the casino ‘tables’ simply cover standard inexpensive card tables (or even side tables) with a green felt cloth and add a simple handmade card sign to each to indicate what game is being played. Must have items include several decks of cards – for games like blackjack and poker and plenty of chips – all of which comes in our very classy Personalized Professional 300 Piece Poker Set by the way – dice and a dice cup for craps and a small roulette set up (you can find a basic one at big box stores like Target for less than $20).

You are also going to need dealers of course but to make it fair for everyone you could assign shifts, with everyone taking their turn on the other side of the table.

Setting the Stakes

A casino night is supposed to be fun, not a chance to get rich quick. Set the stakes and keep them low (low as in cents not dollars) or simply hold an ‘auction’ at the end of the evening that will allow guests to bid their winning chips on a selection of small prizes, a format that can be a lot more fun.

Offer a Buffet

One of the big draws of a real casino are the great buffets that are offered there so serving up snacks buffet style makes a lot of sense for a home casino night and will help cement the theme as well. Keep the menu supper simple though, preferably food that can be eaten cold, so that your player guests can keep grazing as they move from table to table.

If you are going to serve alcohol, buying the basic staples – rum, gin, vodka, tequila and whiskey – as well as mixers, beer and wine should be more than adequate. To end the evening you might want to brew a pot of coffee to send everyone on their way more refreshed and alert.

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