Modern Wedding Etiquette: Is it OK To Gift Money as a Wedding Gift?

cashweddinggiftIt is an issue etiquette experts can debate for hours; is it really appropriate to skip the wedding gift registry and simply give the gift of cold, hard cash to the happy couple instead? Although there are those who will gasp in horror at the very thought, but, as it turns out, according to a recent survey conducted by a national bridal attire chain 87% of brides would actually prefer to receive some of the folding stuff, but they are simply afraid it’s too rude a request to make.

The survey also found that 67% of the soon to be wedding guests they talked to would prefer to gift cash instead, and the practice is becoming more common and more acceptable.

One of the biggest reasons that this may be an appropriate gift after all is that many couples marrying today already have a home, and in that home they have all the furniture, dinnerware and cooking supplies they need. For these newlyweds a little extra to put in the kitty, or to spend on honeymoon, is likely to be far more useful than more ‘traditional’ wedding gift choices. And even couples who are moving into a first home together may really prefer to receive cash so that they can shop at their leisure and not run the risk that they end up with three toaster ovens and a half dozen pot and pan sets when what they really needed was a fridge!

The decision to give money over hard goods may have to be made on a case to case basis. If you are close to the couple and you know that cash would probably be the better option, even if they are too polite to ask, it is fine to go ahead. If on the other hand you are only casually acquainted or you have not seen them in a long time it may be wiser to stick to the ‘approved’ gift list to avoid accidental offense.

If you do decide money is the right choice, how to gift cash in an elegant manner is harder to figure out. Bills stuffed into an envelope is not much of a personal gift in many people’s eyes, so ‘dressing’ the cash nicely can be a much nicer, and classier idea. Why not ‘wrap’ the cash in a Personalized Keepsake Box, engraved with the couple’s names? Not only is it a nicer way to present money but you will still be giving a meaningful gift that will last – and be useful – long after the cash has been banked – and spent.

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