Pro Grilling Tips for the Perfect Summer BBQ Fare Every Time

BBQ TipsSummer grilling season is in full swing and as much as most ‘grillmasters’ (and grillmistresses) would prefer to think that their outdoor cookery skills rival those of Bobby Flay, that is not always the case. You do not have to sign up for culinary school to improve your BBQ skills though, simply keep some of these basic tips and tricks in mind.


Before You Grill

Start off with the Right Tools – Before you begin cooking, make sure you have all the right tools on hand. A great apron to protect your clothes, and your skin, is a must, as is a great cutting board and a good set of knives.

You will also need to make sure you have all the utensils you need on hand, to save having to leave food cooking (or burning) on the grill to run back to the kitchen to collect them. The best BBQ cooking utensils have long handles so that you can cook efficiently while minimizing the risk of burns from splatters.

Safety First – Set up your grill away from areas where guests congregate (especially kids) Most grill stay hot for at least an hour after you finish cooking, so accidental injury if the grill is too close ‘to the action’ is a very real risk.

Keep a box of baking soda close by and use it, rather than water, to douse any small fires.

Pro Grilling Tips

Preparing the Grill – To prevent sticking, spritz your grill’s cooking surfaces with a non stick cooking spray before you begin to cook. Keep a meat thermometer on hand so that once you begin to cook you can use it to check the doneness of your meats accurately, rather than just guessing.

Utilize Sauces and Glazes the Right Way – Tasty and tangy sauces and glazes are BBQ staples and can really make or break a dish. If you are going to apply them while cooking though add them close to the end of the meat’s cooking time. If applied any earlier a lot of the sugars will evaporate away and the meat may char.

Don’t Mess With the Meat – To get the most flavor out of your meats try to disturb them as infrequently as possible as they cook. If at all possible, only turn the meat once and do not cut into it until it is cooked and has been allowed to rest for a few minutes. Cutting in BBQ meats as they cook will rob them of a lot of their juices, leading to chewy, somewhat tasteless fare. If you want to get those lovely grill marks on your meat turn it just a 1/4 turn before flipping.

Cook to Order – Instead of grilling piles and piles of food that will then possibly sit and go cold try to grill to order if at all possible. To keep guests happy as they wait for their food layout plenty of side dishes they can munch on while waiting for their delicious main courses.

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