Simple Ways to Take the Stress Out of Organizing a Bachelorette Party

keep calmOne of the traditional duties of a maid of honor is to be the person in charge of planning, and hosting, the bachelorette party. Given that it is supposed to be an event to serve as a girl’s ‘last hurrah’ before tying the knot and leaving singledom behind the pressure to make the event as memorable as possible can be quite intense. However, if you keep some of the following tips in mind you will improve the chances that everything (or almost everything) will go off as planned and you may even relieve yourself of enough stress to actually have a good time at the party yourself!

Ask the Bride for a Guest List

Almost every couple planning their wedding finds themselves compromising and adding at least a name or two to their guest list that might not really be a person they socialize with or even have laid eyes on for years. Just because they are invited to the wedding does not have to mean that they automatically get added to the guest list for the bachelorette party though. If the bride hasn’t talked to that cousin in 12 years, she probably doesn’t really need to be there.

Ask the bride-to-be herself to provide you with a guest list and then do your best to make sure everyone you invite is someone she feels comfortable ‘letting loose’ and hanging out with and everyone will have a nicer time.

Make it a Team Effort

There is a lot that goes into organizing a bachelorette party and the maid of honor really does not need to do it all herself. Enlist help from other bridesmaids, especially if they are also going to be contributing financially, which is usually the case. And on that subject, do keep those finances in mind when making arrangements. The bride to be may have dropped a ton of hints that she would personally love to do a weekend in Vegas but if you know that for the other girls that would all be a little too expensive, try to look for a compromise, a casino closer to home for example.

Be Flexible

Many party organizers like to create, and then distribute, a set itinerary, especially if the celebration is spread over the course of a weekend rather than a single evening, which is often the case these days. This is an excellent idea, but do be willing to deviate from it a little as necessary and leave plenty of ‘wigggle room’ for spontaneous fun.

Capture Some Memories

In the age of the smartphone no doubt all of you will be snapping away for the duration of the celebration but it can be nice to pause and take a few formal – but fun – posed photos that can later be printed, framed in a great photo frame and treasured, not just by the bride but by all of the attendees as well.

Have Favors

What is a party if it does not have a few favors for its guests? Try to make those that you do give out double as nice mementos though. a set of personalized ‘bride’s team’ t shirts can be a great choice, and they can be pressed into service again as casual wear on the morning of the big day itself.

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