Sweet and Simple Ways to Involve Children in a Second Marriage

ring-bearer-and-flower-girlWe know that there will be a lot of wedding planning going on soon – more couples become engaged over the holiday season than at any other time of year – and for couples embarking on a second marriage, figuring out how to make their children feel included in the occasion can be hard. Bringing a new family together is never easy, but if you can begin married life by helping the kids feel like a part of the wedding festivities – it’s a great beginning. Here are just a few suggestions.

Send out a Family Invitation

For a couple bringing children into a marriage sending out a ‘family style’ wedding invitation can help them feel special and included right from the start. Instead of the traditional announcement why not consider including something like this: Please join Jane and Peter as they celebrate the marriage of their mother Joan Doe to Max Bloggs’.

Allow them to be Wedding Attendants

If your children are younger it is traditional in any case that the ring bearer and flower girl be small children anyway, so slotting them into these roles should be very easy. Older children – even occasionally sulky teenagers – should really be given the chance, if they are interested, to join the formal wedding party as well. An older child might be delighted to even escort their parent down the aisle and that is a lovely gesture to make sure that they feel less like they are losing a parent to the marriage which many teenagers especially do.

A Family Ceremony

It is very popular right now to include the children entering into a marriage (because that really is what they are doing) to be included in the actual ceremony itself with a family unity candle ceremony. Instead of the usual bride and groom unity candle opt for a personalized second marriage unity candle set that is personalized with your names and those of the children and then ask your officiant to help you come up with a few words to create this simple, but meaningful, part of the occasion.

Kid’s Table at the Reception

Chaos can start at the wedding reception when children feel bored. To ensure that they feel like they really are celebrating the occasion as well, setting up a special kids head table can be a great idea, especially for younger children. And instead of forcing them to eat the grown up fare serve kid friendly food – hamburgers, hot dogs etc – and let them have their own special cake that their newly married parents can cut with them to celebrate the beginning of a new family as well as a new marriage.

A Special Gift

As a couple you will have your rings to remember the day forever and your kids should really have something too. Personalize a gift according to their tastes though, whether that is a trinket box, a pendant or even a specially framed photograph from the day.

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